When it comes down to it, Slvstr© aims to be a role model. By following his innate creative calling, the 26-year old visual artist has accrued an impressive list of credentials from showing at Miami Art Basel to creating his own streetwear brand, proving to kids everywhere that an artistic life is a path worth pursuing. Out of respect for his own muse he puts integrity above all else, serving his inspirations by working on them as they come, rather than as they are demanded. Whether creating large scale installations or painting on a pair of Margiela Converse, he is constantly harmonizing with his genius in hopes of eventually tapping a source he calls “artistic utopia”. Lo and behold, the lesson behind his bright young aesthetic is archetypal: believe in your gift and it will believe in you.




Spilled x Slvstr "Black Dreamers Express" Rug

$ 325.00

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